DASH May Have Peaked a Little Early (DASH Price Analysis for March 19, 2019)The price of DASH (DASH) reached a high of nearly $96 on Mar 13. A gradual decrease ensued. The price rebounded and eventually reached a high of $96 before dropping again.Here is the price outlook for the period of Mar 12 to Mar 19:In our Mar 12 analysis, we predicted that the price would increase a
PolisPay Partners With Dash For MasterCard Payments Users can spend Dash wherever Mastercard is acceptedCrypto liquidity is a big barrier for cryptocurrency adoption, but a new payments provider could help provide a solution. PolisPay, a blockchain payments service, has just announced the implementation of the Dashcryptocurrency for their MasterCard-backed debit card.Until now, the Polis app supported
Deep Web vs Dark WebDid you know only a small percentage of the internet is easily accessible via major search engines i.e. indexed by Google etc. The parts of the intern
Melina K D M: Support for XLM will be immediately available for Coinbase Pro users in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions, with the exception of New York s
3 Steps to Crash-Proof DashThe recent “crypto bloodbath” took out tens of billions of dollars in value from digital currency, and Dash was not spared, dropping from $1.5 billion to $1.2 billion over the early part of this week (now back past $1.3 billion). The crash had nothing to do with Dash in particular, but rather reverb
Blockchain 4.0 and the Future of Cryptocurrency (Story From 500 Startup)Hi Blockchain 4.0 fans!What is Blockchain ?So when all governments in the world including Indonesia are hype with the term Industrial Revolution 4.0,
Chatter Report: Luke Says Segwit Harmful to BTC, Baker Explains Stablecoin Regulation
Bitcoin and Dash Become Crypto Trailblazers in Anarchist Paradise with Drugs, Guns, and TurtlesCrypto has become part and parcel of Acapulco, a formed trouser hub that turned into an anarchist capital of the world.Contents:♦️A place for Bitcoin anarchists.♦️Dash adoption is growing.♦️Crypto for the unbanked. Apart from turtles, crunchy tacos, marijuana, and murder, there is one thing that def
Evaluating How Much a Dash Budget Proposal is WorthAnother Dash Budget Proposal Cycle is coming to an end shortly, which means Masternode owners are scrambling to evaluate proposals and cast their votes before the deadline passes. With the total monthly amount available now exceeding $4 million, the stakes have become considerably more significant t
Analysis of Dash BlockchainIn January 2014, Dash was launched by Evan Duffield who found the potentially incredible value of cryptocurrency but was unsatisfied with the situation of the most popular crypto — Bitcoin. Evan believed that there was a further way to improve upon Bitcoin. While Dash was based on Bitcoin, it is a n
Maker [MKR], Dash [DASH] Leading Today’s Gain – Ethereum 2nd Againmplemented on the second largest blockchain Ethereum (ETH) network while depended on the concept of smart contracts, Maker [native token MKR] is a case when the much criticized crypo-volatility is battled an extend being backed by Ether.Despite that Tether is one of the most popular stablecoins, muc