Binance Updates USDT Market to Combined Stablecoin Market (USDⓈ) Binance has renamed the USDT Market (USDT) to now be a combined Stablecoin Market (USDⓈ). This is to support more trading pairs with different stablecoins offered as a base pair.
You can now margin trade against the price of TetherYBitfinex has introduced margin trading for the USDT/USD market.This feature effectively gives traders the ability to take out a leveraged bet against the failure of Tether (and also Bitfinex themselves).Capital risk managementBitfinex stated: “Adding margin trading on the USDT/USD pair will not onl
Huobi Wallet to support Tron stable coin USDT-TRONHuobi have announced that Trons stable coin, which was recently announced, will be available on the Huobi Wallet.Huobi have announced the addition of USDT-TRON, the latest stable coin offering from Justin Suns TRON. Sun originally announced the stable coin earlier this month, and has since been acce
Bitfinex Partnered With at Least 6 Different Banks During 2018
🔥🔥Will Facebook's new cryptocurrency be built on Zilliqa?🔥🔥Since Facebook announced their cryptocurrency stablecoin project there has been much speculation over the finer details of the venture... As this speculation takes hold, rumors have arisen that assert Facebook’s new crypto project may be built upon the blockchain platform, Ziqilla (ZIL). Self procla
CarbonUSD (CUSD) Stablecoin Would Be Brought To EthereumToday Carbon revealed that it had launched its stable coin named Carbon USED or CUSD on Ethereum blockchain. This is a stable cryptocurrency as the name suggests and is pegged against the US Dollar. Carbon has taken help of AZTEC protocol, a privacy program which enables real-time transactions on Et
Changes to Tether’s Terms of Reserves Raises Fresh Concerns
Earn Interest and Protect Your Stablecoins with Nexo’s 1-to-1 Conversion GuaranteeNexo already is the most advanced and trusted crypto lending provider on a global scale. Now retail and institutional investors have the opportunity to become a Liquidity Provider on the Nexo platform and partake in yet another way in Nexo’s success.Market participants can currently earn interest of
Tether has $2.2BN in the bank as they promised, says Bloomberg .After getting confirmation about their funds from Deltec, the Bahamian bank where Tether assured the US dollar assets backing their stablecoin were kept, now the company took a step further towards calming concerned investors. They can now definitively disregard the accusations that hinted towards t
The Next Big Thing or a Total Monstrosity? Four Experts Weigh in on Stablecoins