Second Decentraland LAND Auction Ends with All Parcels in Genesis City Purchasedby Alexander Fred 25/12/2018At 3:35 P.M. GMT on Dec 23, the final parcel of LAND in Decentraland’s Genesis City was auctioned off for 6,800 MANA — completing the second annual Decentraland LAND auction.Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality universe which serves as a platform for its ‘citiz
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Decentraland Partners with RCN to Launch Mortgages for the Virtual Reality PlatformDecentraland, a virtual reality platform recently partnered with the Ripio Credit Network (RCN), a peer-to-peer credit marketplace, to provide smart contract-based mortgages for users looking to purchase land in Decentraland. According to Decentraland’s announcement published on November 5, 2018, RCN will ensure that lenders and borrowers from any region can enter into transparent, safe, secure, and reliable credit agreements. Decentraland…
Digital Currency Group Launch Metaverse Ventures; to Fund Development on DecentralandThe Digital Currency Group (DCG), a coalition of blockchain venture capitalists, has announced the launch of a new fund called Metaverse Ventures. In a blog post published December 6, 2018, the group explained that the fund will be a “wholly owned subsidiary of DCG that will invest exclusively in companies building products and services for Decentraland.” For the uninitiated, Decentraland…
Coinbase Bounce: 3 of 4 Ethereum Tokens Rally against Bitcoin on Day of ListingTrading of Civic (CVC), district0x (DNT), Loom Network (LOOM), and Decentraland (MANA) — all ERC-20 tokens that run on the Ethereum network — today went live on Coinbase Pro, and most received a bump from their listing on the crypto exchange.CVC, LOOM, MANA, and DNT Listed on CoinbaseIn a post earli
Binance Collaborates with Decentraland; Week Long MANA Competition Begins TodayDecentraland, a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain has recently partnered with Binance, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Decentraland’s announcement published on December 3, 2018, BNB tokens are now officially accepted in the upcoming LAND auction event. Binance Integrates Trust Wallet with Decentraland The Binance and Decentraland partnership enable users to participate in the…
MANA Continues to Hold Above $0.050 Upon Coinbase Pro Listing — Plus LAND Auctions Still Underway!Decentraland is currently undergoing its latest LAND auction to sell off the remaining plots of unowned digital land.The market is trading around the $0.052 handle, with strong support beneath at $0.050.Support moving forward: $0.050, $0.04826, $0.045, $0.04343, $0.03961, $0.03519, $0.03022.Resistan
13 of the Best Blockchain Games (& How to Actually Play Them).Before we get into this list, don’t get too excited about playing games as ambitious as Fortnite or Skyrim or Call of Duty.Blockchain gaming, while exciting, is still in its infancy, often based around collectibles (you’ve all heard of Cryptokitties, right?) Our aim is to begin tracking the world of
$215,000 Worth of Virtual Land Bought With What Can Be a Smart Contract Based Mortgage