Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsquare Now in 25 European Countries
Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare BuyCoin squares BlockEQ Wallet for $9 MillionCoinsquare, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada, has acquired BlockEQ, Stellar’s non-custodial crypto wallet, in a bid to expand its offerings beyond just digital asset trading, the company announced in a press release on December 6, 2018. “Coinbase of Canada” Acquires BlockEQ While many still speculate about how long the bearish market will last, some companies in the…
Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Expands To 25 European Union CountriesCanadian crypto exchange Coinsquare has expanded its operations into 25 European countries, a move that expanded its market opportunity by 1200%.Founded in 2014, Coinsquare is Canada’s largest crypto trading platform for trading bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange claims to b
Crypto Trading Exchange Coinsquare Hits Europe As It Opens In 25 New CountriesHitting The Ground Running: Coinsquare Hits Europe As It Launches In 25 CountriesWhile it is a very widely known cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, being one of the largest in the country. It's been made public that this position coincides with a storming launch into the European Union, with more th
Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Acquires Stellar Wallet BlockEQ.Coinsquare, the crypto exchange that has been nicknamed the “Coinbase of Canada,” has acquired Stellar wallet BlockEQ as it seeks to expand its offerings beyond cryptocurrency trading.The Toronto-based Coinsquareannounced the deal on Thursday, revealing that it had paid $12 million CAD (~$9 million
Coinsquare’s Market Share Soars By 1,200%Earlier today, Coinsquare, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada announced a mass expansion across a number of countries within the European Union. Together, Coinsquare will now be available to customers in 25 new countries, all of which are located within the EU.Coinsquare have claimed that
Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Now in 25 European CountriesOne of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinsquare, has officially launched in 25 European countries. A Coinsquare spokesperson has shared s
European Union‘s Growing Crypto Industry Attracts Exchanges As Coinsquare Launches into the EuropeanNilesh Maurya 1 day agoEuropean Union‘s Growing Crypto Industry Attracts Exchanges As Coinsquare Launches into the European UnionEuropean Union ‘s growing crypto industry and friendlier regulatory policies are slowly making it a catchment area for crypto business. A lot of business is shifting the
Canadian Crypto-Exchange Coinsquare Acquires BlockEQ for 9 millionCanada’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has acquired Stellar’s non-custodial crypto wallet, BlockEQ. The acquisition is a part of Coinsquare’s expansion plan that goes beyond its cureent role in crypto trading.2018 has been a less-than-ideal year for cryptocurrency, with prices dropping