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تا ۱۰ سال آینده بیت کوین به عنوان یک دارایی ارزشمند شناخته خواهد شد!آرتور هایس بنیان گذار بیت مکس (BitMex)، در روز ۱۶ دسامبر به وسیله پادکست Unchained ادعا کرد بیت کوین پتانسیل آن را دارد که به یک کلاس دارایی جدید در ده سال آینده تبدیل شود. آرتور هایس مدیر عامل و بنیان گذار شرکت بیت مکس، بزرگترین صرافی دیجیتال براساس حجم معاملات روزانه، ماه گذشته با لورا شین مجری و
Bit MEX CEO:BitMEX CEO: Ethereum ‘Will Quickly Test $200’ When ICO Market ReturnsBitMEX CEO: Ethereum ‘Will Quickly Test $200’ When ICO Market ReturnsNewsInitial coin offerings (ICO) will return within “18 months” and Ethereum (ETH) will “rebound aggressively,” BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes told Cointelegraph Japan D
BitMEX and Hong-Kong Listed Wine Firm Plan Joint Foray Into New Japanese Crypto Exchange
Decent Kamrul: Blockchain and wine not bad at all hopefully, not me but for most of the investors its interesting definitely.
Researchers compared BitMEX insurance funds with an attack cost of 51% on altcoins The Hong Kong trading platform BitMEX owns such a number of cryptocurrencies that it can attack 51% against some altcoins for several months.
My review in pivot: لطفا به پیام توجه کنید حتما😜Bitcoin Exchange Deribit Looks to Become the New Playground for Margin Traders Trading of cryptocurrency is slowly gaining traction as more people realize that these tokens and coins are here to stay and won’t fade away. Many are also interested in the token play for monetary benefits. Having heard
Hong Kong: BitMEX and Wine Retailer May Purchase Stake in Japanese Cryptocurrency ExchangeMadison Holdings Group, a Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX)-listed French wine trading company, is planning to acquire a stake in Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitOcean in partnership with crypto-derivative trading platform BitMEX, reported South China Morning Post on December 26, 2018. Moving into Crypto Listed on the GEM board of HKEX, Madison Holdings is seeking a 67.2 percent stake in BitOcean from…
Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Slows Down, Profitability Remains Depressed A rough estimation of the falling hashrate sees the equivalent of 1.3 million S9 ASIC shut down.Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Slows Down, Profitability Remains DepressedA rough estimation of the falling hashrate sees the equivalent of 1.3 million S9 ASIC shut down.Not only is the Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate slowing down but the profit margins of miners have felt another squeeze, as revealed by data from Bi
​​BitMEX Research: ICO teams have allocated $24B in tokens to themselvesBitMEX Research, the research arm of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, published a piece in collaboration with TokenAnalyst which analyzed the token allocations of over 100 ICO teams. According to the analysis, ICO teams initially allocated $24B worth of their native tokens to themselves. At peak valu