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Mohsen Karimi: Power done 🌹 faqat pivot faali ya crypto ham hasti? linke crypto & ye site jadido tooye kanale telegram gozashtam hayman sabtenam kon 20$ ham be hesabetoon mizane @btc1362
#CME #Bitcoin #Futures 141% Volume Increase in NovemberAccording, everyone who is still in the crypto market remembers when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) launched Bitcoin futures on 17 December 2017, that day the price of Bitcoin hit the top at $20,000 and after that started the downside, a downside that has kept going a year. Toda
How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?
CME Bitcoin Futures Briefly Broke $10,000 Amidst a New Open Interest All-Time High
Light Bulb Moment: Nasdaq’s New BTC And ETH Liquid Indices May Clarify Pricing
CME Bitcoin Futures Again Breaks RecordThe Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) continues to break the record for other CME Bitcoin futures. Today, a total of 18,338 Bitcoin futures contracts are worth a total of $360 million, equivalent to 91,690 BTC.CME Bitcoin futures broke a record. With this increase in Bitcoin futures, an important th
CME Group's CEO on why regulators hate Bitcoin: It has finite supplyCME Group's CEO, Terry Duffy is speaking on why government is still hesitant to adopt Bitcoin and his view towards stablecoins. Bitcoin is disrupting the world today, admitted or not. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was the pioneer, which leads to the creation of all the cryptocu
Bakkt, Fidelity, CME and CBOE have ‘positively positioned’ the future of cryptocurrencies, says Bitwise CEOBitwise’s chief executive officer, Hunter Horsley, spoke about the brutal dips taken by Bitcoin, which was ultimately mirrored by Ethereum [ETH], XRP, Tron [TRX] other cryptocurrencies, in an interview on Bloomberg. He spoke about the importance of cryptocurrencies in the upcoming years and the entry of institutions, backed by the government, and how it could help […]
U.K Brokerage Firm TP ICAP to Trade Bitcoin DerivativesAccording to a Bloomberg article published on June 17, 2019, financial services firm TP ICAP is set to enter the cryptocurrency industry starting with