Blockchain Promotion Laws Enacted in the US, More Innovations in TravelWhen it comes to the latest innovations and technology, the United States does not want to miss. This same sentiment applies to blockchain. Long after taking small steps to accept technology, the US Senate Trade, Science and Transportation Committee just gave a green flag to the Blockchain Promotion
Uber Signs Agreement with Blockchain Startups Focusing on Health ServicesA San Francisco-based travel sharing company, Uber has announced a partnership between a subsidiary focused on health care and the blockchain startup, Solve.Care. Solve.Care will receive access to the entire Uber American fleet as part of the agreement. The startup said that this partnership would g
BitPoint Joins the Growing Hacked List of Japanese Cryptocurrency, $32 Million StolenExchange of Japanese cryptocurrency, BitPoint has announced that it is a hacking victim. The hot wallet used to store online funds is compromised. This attack means nearly $32 million in user funds is lost. According to BitPoint, hacking occurs at 10:12 p.m. Tokyo time on July 11, 2019. The amount s
The Turkish Central Bank Will Launch Cryptocurrency Based on BlockchainTurkey plans to enter the crypto ecosystem with its own crypto currency. As part of the country's 11th Development Plan, the central bank plans to issue its own form of digital money on the blockchain.The 11th Development Plan covering 2019-2023 was recently released in Turkey. One detail in the pla
Blockstack Becomes First Public Token Offer Receiving SEC QualificationsThe US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given its first approval to public benefit organizations. Blockstack Public Benefit Corp has been given the green light for the offer of its public tokens under the A+ Rules. After approval, Blockstack will sell Tokens Stacks (STX) with the aim of
How The Cryptocurrency Industry Loses When Bitcoin Is Removed As A Payment MethodOver the years, many vendors who have received Bitcoin (BTC) call it quitting. Even though the price of Bitcoin continues to increase, the loss of retail support has had a significant impact on the entire cryptocurrency industry.In the early days of the cryptocurrency space, a large number of people
Trade Trends Better Than Fundamentals Shows New Analysis ReportsA recent report by the cryptocurrency content company Adaptive Analysis has shown that investment trends, rather than fundamental trading, are more successful in the cryptocurrency market. The report argues that the cryptocurrency market is too young for fundamentals to provide trade insight.Unlike
Singapore Considers Removes VAT Tax for CryptocurrencyThe Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) recently said that they are considering removing value added tax for digital payment tokens when traded. If approved, the proposal will come into force as early as 2020.Singapore can immediately have the most crypto-friendly tax code in the world than
Bitmain Employees Teported Offering Stock Options When US-based IPO Plans AppearBitmain's Cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer is reported to have offered most of its employee stock options ahead of the upcoming initial public offering (IPO). Bitmain concluded the process of signing a contract with employees around the end of last month. The company has faced a lot of se
HBO Show Euphoria Displays Bitcoin as a Worthy Payment Method in the Latest EpisodeBitcoin has appeared again on television, this time in the third episode of Hup Euphoria which aired June 30, 2019. Kat, the main character on the show, especially did not use the world's largest cryptocurrency as a means of investing or storing value. Instead, he uses it as a way to transfer money