Facebook Estimates $5 Billion Fines from FTC Due to Privacy ViolationsThe social media giant, Facebook estimates that the fines it will receive due to violations of privacy from the Federal Trade Commission can reach $5 billion.Facebook in its quarterly financial results published on Wednesday, April 24, revealed that they expect the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to
Blockchain Solution Expenditures in Asia Pacific are Estimated to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2022Expenditures for Blockchain solutions in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) are expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2022, according to an April 23 report from the US-based market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).The Worldwide Semiannual IDC Chain Block Expenditure Guide provides
Melina K D M: As the markets drop across the board, YouTube’s biggest crypto analyst says a short-term dip to $4,200 may be in the cards.
BitGo Obtains Security Certification from External Auditors After its Compliance ReviewSecurity firm blockchain, BitGo, has obtained further security certifications from external auditors after reviewing compliance, industry news resource cryptocurrency reported yesterday.BitGo, which last year obtained the Type 1 organization service control (SOC) 2 certification from Deloitte, has n
Binance Has Launched A Decentralized Trading Platform Earlier Than PlannedThis step was carried out only after Binance launched the blockchain, Binance Chain, which will power new decentralized platforms.While Binance DEX trading is set to go live at a later date not specified, users can on this day make a wallet on a decentralized platform, either an official Binance Tru
The First Blockchain Based Notary in China Has Opened an Office in BeijingThe first blockchain-capable notary in China has opened an office in Beijing. According to the news, the service was opened last Friday at CITIC Beijing Notary Office. The head of office reportedly stated that the development marked the beginning of the era of blockchain notary services.During the l
Hyundai Motor Group Will Use Blockchain Technology for Electric Vehicles with SmartphonesSouth Korea's biggest car manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Group, will use the blockchain in its new technology to pair electric vehicles (EV) with smartphones. The Green Car Congress news agency which focuses on mobility reported the developments on Tuesday.Hyundai reportedly announced the development o
Bedjo S: New analysis from crypto market and network data analysis firm CoinMetrics finds that a single Bitcoin trader appears to have triggered Bitcoin’s sudden surge above $5,000 on April 2nd.(p.b)
Will Ripples Solve Symmetrical Triangles One Year?Will the Ripple be able to solve a symmetrical triangle 1 year? Ripple hasn't been able to perform for almost a year. Will the Ripple, which has been in a long symmetrical triangle since the beginning of last year, will now be able to solve this? Can the Ripple solve a symmetrical triangle 1 year at
Shop with Bitcoin on Amazon with the New Lightning Network PluginWith the new Lightning Network plug-in, it is now possible to shop with Bitcoin on Amazon. Yes, you don't hear wrong, you can pay with BTC in one of the largest online retail giants in the world.With the new Lightning Network plug-in, shopping with Bitcoin on Amazon is now possible. Crypto Moon paym
Binance Coin (BNB) Increases by 300 Percent in 2019 and Continues to Challenge PricesBitcoin (BTC) continued to increase for the past week and closed at $5,300, while Binance Coin (BNB) continued to focus on price movements in the cryptocurrency market. Most altcoins will experience price declines, and this is seen as a sign that Bitcoin will rise quickly.When we look at market hist
Startup of the Blockchain Smartphone, Sirin Labs, Stop a Quarter of Its WorkThe startup of the Blockchain smartphone, Sirin Labs, has stopped a quarter of its release, according to some media.According to reports, the startup admitted it had laid off 15 of its 60 employees and overestimated their blockchain Finney smartphone sales. A company spokesman reportedly said that t