What happens when politics and cryptocurrency meet?When politics and cryptocurrency meet, there's usually regulation or prohibition. While there are some political advocates for it, many remain against
🚀 Poof! 5 Billion gone just as quick as it came 😆🚪 Decentralized prediction market Veil is shutting down.No new markets can be added to the platform, though users will still be able to interact with existing markets until July 24.The platform was built on top of Augur (REP), 0x (ZRX), and Ethereum(ETH), but faced various issues including poor onbo
I Love You (PVT) And Thanks for All TOP InvestorsI love it when you call me señoritaI wish I could pretend I didn't need yaBut every touch is ooh la la laIt's true, la la laOoh, I should be runningOo
Let's Spread the Good Word about Crypto. Friend's I Harrys J Song.Hi Guy's This Song Awsome  ^^I want it allI want it nowForget about the consequencesI know that it's bad, it's better to waitBut sometimes I can be se
Different News - Study Exposes How Russia, Iran, & China Are Weaponizing CryptoIt’s no secret that foes of the United States – including Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China – are experimenting with cryptocurrency technology as the
Biggest News - Maya Preferred 223 to Fully Back Each Bitcoin with Gold and SilverMaya Preferred 223 just announced their plan to back each Bitcoin with at least $30,000 in Gold and Silver.» Read about their plans here.We need your
Mark Cuban is not a big fan of Facebook’s crypto push“There’s going to be some despot in some African country that gets really upset that they can’t control their currency anymore and that’s where the re
Crypto critic Donald Trump on wrong side of history, deVere Group boss“Standing on the sidelines, or worse looking backwards, on the issue of cryptocurrencies is a baffling approach for the leader of the world’s largest
🚀 If you can't beat em, join em 💪🔁 Binance Officially Launches Its 2.0 Platform With Margin TradingBinance has launched its margin trading platform, as revealed by an official blog post.Previously only available to select users, Binance 2.0 now allows all users access to Margin Trading.Currently, users can margin trade on Bitcoin (
Here's What This Early Stage Incubator Thinks About Blockchain; I like to Find the Story that Opens People's MindsPolyient Labs is a Phoenix-based, early-stage blockchain incubator. The incubator was formed in 2018 to help identify and foster blockchain innovation