10 Games Based on Blockchain You Can PlayGames based on blockchain are changing the internet, which means gamer interaction has been changed by blockchain technology as well.The internet and has been changed by blockchain technology. No longer are we solely committed to making a quick buck or developing smart contracts for business venture
How Stable Is the Bitcoin Market?It's notoriously volatile, but could the Bitcoin market be stabilizing?Warren Buffet called Bitcoin "rat poison squared" before stating that Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency "will come to bad endings." Considering that, at the time of the May 2018 interview with CNBC, the Bitcoin price ha
Virtual Currency Mining, Real Job FiringThe headmaster at a school in China learns the hard way that stealing electricity and bandwidth doesn't pay.One of my favorite, go-to clips as a management professor and consultant is a classic from the hit TV series, Seinfeld. This is when George Costanza is confronted by his boss over what he did
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What Lies in the Future for Blockchain? Experts Predict16 Blockchain DisruptionsHundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into various blockchain investmentsaround the world. Major companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Spotify, and Eastman Kodak are already exploring various blockchain applications. So are governments.If you are old enough, it is ver
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Cryptocurrency Resources and Products You Need For InvestingIf you want to score big in crypto, make sure to get access to all the cryptocurrency resources and products that can help you succeedInvesting in cryptocurrencies isn't easy. It takes more than just knowing the best Bitcoin mining alternatives, good trading strategies, or even knowing how to choose
10 Cryptocurrency Scandals You Need to Know AboutLove Ether? Love Bitcoin? These cryptocurrency scandals will make you think twice about that.Cryptocurrency is often framed as one of the most fascinating fields in the tech world, and it is. It's a world where blockchain technology can do anything—including end world poverty, create a new financial
The Ultimate Guide to Mining EthereumMining Ethereum is cheaper than Bitcoin mining, and can be more profitable. Here's what you need to know.When it comes to cryptocurrency investing, it's hard to ignore the topic of Bitcoin mining. It's seen as the way to make "free money" in the cryptocurrency world—even though it's everything but f
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The 10 Easiest Coins to MineBitcoin mining is no longer a feasible option for many of us. That's why crypto hopefuls should look into some of the easiest coins to mine instead.If