These are the top 10 programming languages in blockchainWe scraped StackOverflow's website to identify the most popular programming languages in blockchainOkay, okay: we all know that blockchain and cryptocurrency developers are in demand these days, but what are the most popular programming languages in blockchain development?It turns out that Ethereum‘
5 bite-size Bitcoin factoids to beef up your cryptocurrency knowledgeChew on these!Bitcoin $BTC▲1.78% celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this year.The cryptocurrency is technological feat and while its inner workings are often difficult to understand, or explain, there are a few interesting facts every enthusiast should know.We’ve rounded up some of the most intere
AT&T now accepts cryptocurrency, and it’s probably a bad ideaConnect your Bitcoin address to your phone number in one easy paymentAmerican cell network operator AT&T has announced it’s accepting cryptocurrency as an online payment option.AT&T says it will be offering the payment method through cryptocurrency payment services provider BitPay. The mobile carrie
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Bitcoin Pizza Day: How a hungry Florida man made cryptocurrency historyBecause, well, why not?Nine years ago today, the first ever Bitcoin $BTC▼4.1% transaction for a consumer product took place after a Florida man spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas.Since then, cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe have celebrated ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day,’ not because the man in question
Sign this petition to stop Craig Wright from copyrighting the Bitcoin white paperFrom patents to copyright claims, Wright never stopsAn online petition to remove Craig Wright’s name from a copyright claim submitted earlier this week has surfaced after his latest effort to lay claim to the fact he authored the original Bitcoin $BTC▼4.1% white paper.In an attempt to scratch his la
Dear NY Post, didn’t you learn anything about Bitcoin?NY Post's Bitcoin pseudosopher has "wisdom" to share... againIt’s that time of the year: NY Post’s in-house cryptocurrency pseudosopher John Crudele has published his annual diatribe against Bitcoin.For those new to Crudele, he is sort of like your local know-it-all who camps on a beer crate in fron
Game of Thrones’ Bronn becomes Master of VeganCoin cryptocurrency (we shit you not)It's like Bitcoin, only VeganBefore you read this, beware there might be Game of Thrones spoilers in this piece.The actor that played one of the more Machiavellian characters in the HBO series, Game of Thrones, is joining the advisory board of a vegan lifestyle oriented cryptocurrency.Jerome Flynn,
Bitcoin’s price has pumped beyond its ‘intrinsic value,’ JPMorgan saysThe banking giant takes another dig at the cryptocurrencyBanking behemoth JP Morgan Chase & Co. has taken another shot at Bitcoin, $BTC▼0.62% claiming the cryptocurrency‘s latest rally has pushed its price beyond its “intrinsic value.”“Over the past few days, the actual price has moved sharply over
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