We're 'Well On Our Way' to Discovering Alien Life, NASA Chief SaysBy Mike Wall an hour ago ,We may not have to wait much longer to get our first glimpse of E.T., NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said.NASA has made the search for alien life a high priority, and recent discoveries give ample reason for optimism that the endeavor will be successful soon, Bridenstine said l
A few parameters from the FBI for avoiding ICO scamsInitial coin offerings (ICOs) have painted many headlines over the past two years. As the regulatory hammer came down in 2018, many of those headlines turned negative. At this point, ICO fraud awareness has become increasingly important.FBI insightThe Paypers, an independent payment industry informa
Coinbase’s Coinbase Ventures Backs Fast-Growing South American AirTM Cryptocurrency ExchangeFebruary 20, 2019, UTC, 6:46 am Top-tier cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has – via its Coinbase Ventures investment arm – participated in Mexico-based crypto exchange AirTM’s latest round of financing, according to an AirTM blog postpublished on Wednesday.AirTM, which has helped individuals – predo
Ethereum Miners Receive Over $300k in Fees for a Transaction of $14By Ponvang BulusFebruary 20, 2019,An Ethereum (ETH) user is probably counting his losses as the Ethereum network charged him a staggering fee of over 2100 ETH to send $14 worth of ETH. While this may seem like a mistake, the user’s account is said to be very active and so chances of making such a mi
What JPMorgan’s New Cryptocurrency Means for Banking and BlockchainBy Marty Swant|8 hours agoJPM Coin could create new opportunities—and new hypeWhen J.P. Morgan announced it had created its own cryptocurrency last week, the bank left the industry speculating about what the move might mean for the blockchain-based payments and for the broader future of banking.JPM
Strong Bitcoin (BTC) Volumes Have Crypto Investors Enthused: Further Rally?By Nick Chong  February 20, 2019,Over the past 48 hours, crypto assets across the board have embarked on a jaw-dropping rally. For the first time in weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) neared $4,000, as altcoins, namely EOS and Ethereum(ETH), rallied by double-digits in terms of percentage. While this sudden run l
Huawei P30, P30 Pro Launch Date Set for March 26 in Paris: Expected Features, PriceBy Rahul Srinivas -Published On: Feb 20, 2019 | Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019,It was back in March 2018 that Huawei stunned the world with the P20 and the P20 Pro. The P20 Pro (Review) in particular impressed us with its stellar camera performance and till date remains one of the best camera phones we
Two New Features Make the Cut for the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Forkby Jamie Redman1 hour ago, On Valentine’s Day, cryptocurrency developers Mark Lundeberg, Antony Zegers, Amaury Séchet, Jason B. Cox, Andrea Suisani, and Matias Garcia discussed the upcoming May upgrade with the meeting’s host David Allen. The fourth meeting was published to Youtube so BCH participa
BCH Devs Lock in Code for the Chain’s Next Upgrade: Schnorr and Segwit Recoveryby Jamie Redman1 hour ago,On Feb. 14, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers sat down and discussed the featured items for the scheduled upgrade this coming May. According to the programmers, two specific features will be ready for the upgrade: Schnorr signatures and Segwit recovery. The developer
Oil Prices Down - 18-02-19NEW YORK - LONDON, FEBUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. Oil prices for 18 February:WTI Crude Oil (Light Sweet) price at NYMEХ Stock Exchange down by 0.05% to $55.76 per barrel. Brent Crude Oil price at London’s IСE Stock Exchange down by 0.17% to $66.14 per barrel.Barrel is the unit of measurement of oil volume.