Pivot Market Surveillance: The Market appears bullish with BCH(+8.86%) being the top gainer today The cryptocurrency market appears bullish today. Among the top 10 coins, 9 of them increased in value with BCH (+8.86%) being the top gainer. BCH has the top 1 net capital inflow today,
Ripple on Coinbase Rumours Swell as XRP Chases Ethereum’s Second Spot  NOVEMBER 7, 2018 | 11:00 AM    One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges may list Ripple’s XRP on its trading platform. While the rumor stands unconfirmed, its impact is already visible on the XRP’s market cap, which has come close to surpassing that of Ethereum. The token on Tuesday surged as much as 26 percent from its November 4 low at $0.449, forming intraday peak towards $0.569 on the BitFinex exchange. The rally saw aggressive buying action with traders entering long positions on higher high formations. A downside correction ensued during the early European trading session. XRP dropped down and now seems to have located moderately strong support at $0.528. #News #Coinbase
‌‌صبح آمده غمهای جهان دور بریز در نغمه ی هر پرنده ای شور بریز لبخنــد بزن، سلام کن با دل خوش خورشید من! از پنجره ات نور بریز صبح روز آدینتون بخیر
اینم عشق موتور
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چه زیباست که چون صبح پیام ظفر آریم گل سرخ، گل نور ز باغ سحر آریم چه زیباست چو خورشید دُر افشان و درخشان ز آفاق پر از نور، جهان را خبر آریم... سلام؛ اوقات بخیر 🌹🌸🌷
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