ارز دیجیتال جدیدی به نام pi اومده که با گوشی قابل ماین هست بدون استفاده از cpu و نت و باتری گوشی.. کافیه اپلیکیشن pi network از گوگل پلی یا اپ استور دانلود و نصب کنید و با شماره تلفن خود ثبت نام کنید و کددعوت farzane87 را وارد کنید برای شروع استخراج کافیه گزینه (پی اچ) را کلیک و فعال کنید
You can now margin trade against the price of TetherYBitfinex has introduced margin trading for the USDT/USD market.This feature effectively gives traders the ability to take out a leveraged bet against the failure of Tether (and also Bitfinex themselves).Capital risk managementBitfinex stated: “Adding margin trading on the USDT/USD pair will not onl
Crypto Arbitrage Today: NEO, XMR, ZEC, DOGE, TRX, EOSNEO (KuCoin / Bitfinex)It has been a few weeks since the last NEO arbitrage opportunity presented itself, which is rather unusual. Even so, today’s opportunity allows traders to make some good money when buying NEO on KuCoin and selling it on Bitfinex. The current price gap is 1.7%, although this fi
The era of central bank digital currency is coming soonThe era of central bank digital currency is coming soonWith the advancement of science and technology, the means of payment by people have also moved from tradition to innovation.Many people are now more inclined to pay in digital currency.Since 2014, discussions about the central bank’s release of
Ahad Chelopazi: Upvote and power
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