PVT price is on Fire 🔥
Are you able to make profits when trading?
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Sometimes make profits
Seldom make profits
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The price of PVT is surging today despite the Bear market on BTC. That's one of the biggest advantages of listing as USDT pairs mostly!
Recommend you favourite project on KucoinKucoin is giving users the opportunity to recommend their favourite coins for listing. This would be a great opportunity to recommend Pivot (PVT) listing. Go to the Kucoin website and select recommend your favourite project. Fill in the Google docs form. If you would like to sign up with KuCoin use
BTCB and USDSB added to trust WalletTrust Wallet has not added support for BTCB and USDSB. This is great as it brings the possibility of having more trading pairs. Hopefully we will see PVT/USDSB trading pair sometime soon.
PVT has the second highest volume on Binance DEX. Soon we'll be number 1. Happy Friday!
ETN /USDT pair added on Kucoin. With the changes to the blockchain and USDT pairs, the community can only hope for improvement in trading profits.
Tron and Kucoin partner up for an AMA on TRX soft staking
The dips and spikes have certainly made PVT a profitable investment. I'm truly enjoying trading PVT. Are you?