3 Major Indicators the Altcoin Season Might Skip a YearIt has been a very interesting week for Bitcoin in the price department. The same can’t always be said about the altcoins, as they need a bullish Bitcoin to note any real gains of their own. This week, it became apparent that some of the bigger exchanges will introduce drastic changes. An interestin
BTC, ETH, XRP Price Prediction — Market Looks Bearish as Long as Bitcoin Remains Below $8,000As a result of the past week, Bitcoin and other major altcoins suffered significant losses. A week ago, the rate of the first cryptocurrency was at around $8,700, but during the reporting period, it sank by almost $1,000, dropping to around $7,400. Thus, over the last seven days, Bitcoinhas lost mor
Crypto Market Expert Tom Lee: Bitcoin Price May Hit $40,000 Soon After It Gets Over $10,000Recently, the founder of Fundstrat, Tom Lee, spoke to the CFO of Binance in a podcast and has again provided a large bullish prediction, confirming his status as a Bitcoin bull and crypto market expert.‘FOMO will make the BTC price rise 4x’The famous financial expert believes that should Bitcoin gai
Binance Lists Fantom (FTM), Moving Token from Binance DEX to Central MarketBinance announced the listing of the Fantom (FTM) project, setting a precedent for moving projects from Binance DEX into the central market. The move may open the door for other assets now trading on the DEX and existing on Binance Chain.After the launch of Binance Chain, multiple projects migrated
Blockchain Foundry deploys Syscoin 4.0; releases Syscoin Spark WalletBlockchain Foundry (BCF), the blockchain technology company and lead developer for Syscoin, today announced that it has successfully deployed Syscoin 4.0, the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain.Syscoin is an open source blockchain protocol which underpins BCF’s proprietary development efforts,
Despite Warnings of Analyst For Fall to $6,100, Bitcoin Surges Above $8kThe bitcoin price has dropped by as much as 18 percent from its 2019 high of $9,090. And it could lose more value in the coming 20 days, according to an analysis provided by a cryptocurrency analyst.Mr. Teddy Cleps of Crypto Freak Network said on Monday that the bitcoin price historically contacted
Bitcoin Price: Did The ‘CME Gap’ Strike Again to Retest $8,000?Bitcoin Price Weekly ChartThe weekly chart shows the bitcoin price 00moving from lows of $3322 to highs of $9096; an increase of 170%.This accelerating advance, which has been defined by the parabola as shown on the chart, appears to have broken from the trend and is now attempting to consolidate ab
Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis June.10: Ripple Rebounds – Attempts To Break $0.40 (Again)Ripple may have seen a very steep 10% price drop over the past week, but it has recently managed to rebound from a very strong support and is now battling to break above the $0.40 resistance level.Ripple, ranked in 3rd place amongst the top cryptocurrency projects by market cap value, has only seen
Bitcoin Suddenly Spikes to $8,000 After Minor Pullback, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Claims Today Could Be Another ‘10 Best Days’BTC’s speedy recoveryOn June 10, Bitcoin experienced a minor downturn with its price dropping 5 percent. That gave the breeding ground for many gloomy predictions. Some technical analysts suggestedthat BTC was on the verge of a bearish reversal.The BTC price plunging below the $7,400 level would ser
If Bitcoin Ban Bill in India Passes, Privacy Crypto Assets Could Boom: Binance CEOYesterday, the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto asset community woke up to a harrowing tidbit of news from Bloomberg Quint. An article, which cited a “draft bill”, revealed that regulators in India, from multiple financial and judiciary agencies, revealed that those who involve themselves in the “sale, purc