NYSE-Backed Bitcoin Exchange Snags PayPal & Google VeteranThe first quarter has come and gone, and there’s still no Bakkt. Nonetheless, the regulated exchange for bitcoin futures contracts, whose backers include NYSE-owned Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and Microsoft, is boldly building out its team. Most recently, they’ve added PayPal and Google alum Mik
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Signaling Breakout Above $4,500Bitcoin Price AnalysisAfter a minor downside correction, bitcoin price found support near the $3,780 level against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair formed a solid support and climbed above the $3,900 and $4,000 resistance levels. There was even a close above the $4,000 resistance and the 100 hourly s
It’s Official: Binance to Make XRP Its Base CurrencyThe mystery unsolvedThe first time that CZ hinted at making XRP a base currency on the exchange was with his ‘XRP shills’ tweet that was posted on Nov. 18. As U.Today reported on Dec. 21, CZ sent a cryptic tweet: ‘Careful what you wish for’, he replied to a question from a user, who asked him to buy
Bitcoin Private (BTCP)…Privately Pre-Mined 2 Million Coins for Its FoundersThe creator of altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) was battling accusations his project was a “scam” December 24 after an investigation revealed over 2 million ‘secret’ coins.Coinmetrics: There Are 2.04M ‘Extra’ BTCPBTCP 00, a so-called “fork merge” of the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchains, fell 20 percen
XRP Price – Insane 20% Gains Amid Binance AnnouncementWhy Is XRP Doing So Well?The answer is simple – partnerships. XRP is cooperating with major financial platforms including Western Union and American Express. Ripple’s xCurrent and xRapid are seeing their first tests for usability. Western Union is testing out whether using Ripple’s technology will r
Report: Over 300 British Blockchain Companies Shut Down in 2018Blockchain Bankruptcies Rise by 144%The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency prices in 2017 led to an influx of new entrepreneurs, some of whom, unfortunately, were scammers. A number wanted to take advantage of inexperienced crypto investors through shilling ICO tokens, despite not having a real produc
Beyond CryptoKitties: 10 Trends That Defined the Year in Crypto GamingWhile the digital asset market has been volatile this year, a new set of digital assets emerged: non-fungible tokens.Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital sound goods that are unique and openly programmable by nature. Here’s a list of the top headlines and stories affecting non-fungible tokens this
China’s New Cryptocurrency Ratings See BTC Slip While Embattled EOS Maintains Number OneNEWSChina has released its latest government-sponsored rankings of major cryptocurrencies, placing Bitcoin (BTC) in 18th while awarding the top spot to domestic blockchain platform EOS(EOS). The rankings were released in a press releaseon Dec. 21.China’s Center for Information and Industry Developm
The Daily: Argentina Meets 2019 With New BATMs, Russia Budgets Millions to Block SitesFive New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in Argentina’s CapitalIn a bearish year, cryptocurrencies have enjoyed growing popularity in Argentina, a major South American economy that has been through some hard times in the past decades. For example, the trade between BTC and the Argentine peso on the P2P plat
Backed By Volume, Bitcoin’s Eyes $4.4K Price TargetThe price of bitcoin is back above $4,000, and is eyeing a move upwards.The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization had been trapped within a symmetrical triangle, suppressing its range between $3,788 and $4,153 over a period of four days, that is, until it broke out above $4,200 at